Our Windscreens

We ease the difficulty for a car lover to obtain a classic or hard to find windscreen for his car.

Windscreens eventually become discontinued and hard to find.   

Same goes for imported cars and pickups. Due to the nature of specially, laminated safety glass, makes it time consuming, expensive and risky for a single glass to be imported

We import these windscreens in bigger numbers, which in turn make it affordable and risk free for the client.

  • In short, we import and stock the windscreens

  • Clients are more thanbwelcome to collect his glass in Klerksdorp (Northwest province)

  • Second option offbcourse is delivery to your door step when possible

  • We, off course deliver personally.

  • We do not use courier services or drivers as we need to keep the cost and risk as low as we possibly can

  • More important, we love glass and prefer to keep our business between glass and client personal

  • All imported windscreens are Laminated safety glass or commonly known as Shatterproof and SABS

  • Our business trade as Crystal Auto Glass Klerksdorp